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About Bacon

Welcome to the historic grounds of Bacon Elementary School, where educational excellence and community bonds have flourished since its inception in 1929. Founded to serve Kindergarten through 8th grade, Bacon Elementary has gracefully transformed over the years while steadfastly upholding its commitment to fostering a nurturing and impactful learning environment.

Our current Principal is Dr. Spike Cook. He has been the principal since 2022 and previously was our Principal from 2011-2016. With a profound passion for education and a deep respect for the school's history, Principal Cook has been a driving force in shaping Bacon Elementary into a dynamic hub of learning and community engagement.

In the 1950’s, Bacon became a Junior High. Students prepared for High School through a strong academic and character emphasis. The school underwent a transformative shift in the 1970s, evolving into a comprehensive elementary school that spans from Kindergarten to 5th grade. This transition marked the beginning of an era defined by the dedication to nurturing young minds and creating a strong educational foundation.

Embracing modern connectivity, Bacon Elementary has seamlessly integrated itself into the digital age. The school's vibrant online presence spans across various platforms, such as Twitter (#RMBacon), Facebook (RM Bacon Elementary), Instagram (RM Bacon Instagram), and a Weekly Blog (RM Bacon Weekly), all of which have been instrumental in our efforts to create a culture of collaboration and communication within the Bacon Elementary community.

At the heart of the school's identity lies the yearly theme: "We are BEARS - Be Excited About Reading in School." This thematic thread underscores the school's unwavering commitment to nurturing a love for learning, particularly through the enchantment of reading. This dedication to fostering a passion for literature empowers students to embrace the joys of discovery and intellectual growth.

Bacon Elementary's guiding principles are encapsulated in its mission statement: "Then, Now, Always Family!" This motto exemplifies the enduring sense of unity and support that binds students, teachers, parents, and the community together. The strong sense of kinship creates an environment where every individual is recognized, valued, and encouraged to thrive.

The school's vision reflects its fundamental belief that happiness is a cornerstone of success. Bacon Elementary is resolute in providing a safe, positive, and stimulating space for students to learn, grow, and develop. This vision has earned the school recognition as a State School of Character in 2022, a testament to its commitment to nurturing not only academic excellence but also the essential virtues and values that shape well-rounded individuals.

For more information about Bacon Elementary School, its events, programs, and initiatives, visit the official school website at https://bacon.millville.org/. Join the #RMBacon community and become a part of an enduring legacy focused on empowering the next generation of learners.